Stockton-on-Tees Race Hosted by Powerhouse

It all started on a pleasant Saturday afternoon when we gathered in the car park awaiting the arrival of James and our mini bus to Stockton, some had chosen to travel using their own vehicles but a good number chose the minibus that had been organised by myself to get us up there. It is worth mentioning at this point that were it not for the fantastic fundraising we did around Christmas none of this trip would have been possible, it is broken down like this £404 raised, pool boat £150, race fees £175 and £79 on fuel so thanks to all those that invested time and money in helping get us there and back! We all got on the fun bus and I am happy to report that we got up there with no dramas and only one stop required for a toilet/coffee break which I think is a new PB for Chris F!
Saturday night hotel accommodation had been booked and we all went out together and treated ourselves to a Frankie and Benny’s then retreated back to our hotel, some of us huddled round a mobile phone in the bar to watch the big fight (Joshua vs Klitschko) and then to bed.

Saturday dinner

We arose early enough on the morning of the race to get a good breakfast down our necks and get to the venue just in time for the managers meeting, and what a cracking venue for those that have not been it was my first time and I’m already looking forward to next year. It started with a procession behind a dragon to bless the event, I had not seen this before and I for one thought it was great! The boat plan was tricky, to say the least with the people we had available but we made it none the less with Dan taking on the drum for the first race and a grumpy James having to helm for the day, we had a guest drummer called Dani for the rest of the day and this meant that Dan could get in the boat and paddle so big thanks to her for doing that. Conditions were difficult on the start with a very strong tailwind but this was overcome with some fast starts and good helming.

Team picture

Considering that we have a large number of new members in the team we came into the first race event not really knowing what to expect and I have to say that the effort put in by all racers was outstanding in both the finals we got into I could not have hoped for anymore. Two plate finals and two plates won!


The journey home was far quieter than the journey up there with a good number of tired people catching up on some sleep but otherwise I am happy to report that this was also an uneventful trip that went without a hitch and we were back at the club for around 10 that evening ready to go home and got to bed!
It is safe to say that I for one thoroughly enjoyed my first event as captain and I was ably assisted by many others without which none of this would have been possible, so a big thank you to them, you know who you are!
I am now looking forward to Bristol where we need to take it to St. Neots and claw back some of the points we lost to them up in Stockton. With that said it is really important that we get a good turn out to every training session now as we continue to build this new team and work out where each person is best suited to sit. So could I please ask that if you are going to the next race then you make the commitment to come to training as this will improve your fitness and allow myself and James to plan the boat.
Thanks all for your efforts so far and I can not wait for the next race.
Our results:
  • Seeding races: 48.78 and 49.90
  • Plate Major final 200m – 48.37

  • Seeding races: 2:16:91 and 2:15:88
  • Plate Major final – 2:16:42

 For all results see BDA post

More pictures from the day on our Facebook.

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