Henley Winter Series – 12th Nov – Final Information

Please take careful note of the attached. It contains some important information. Please share it with your crews so that there are no surprises on Sunday.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to Henley for the first event of this season. We will hold the traditional two minute silence on the water at 11:00 before the start of the race. It is essential therefore that boat loading is handled efficiently and quickly. We have the largest field ever and therefore we have had to do some detailed planning to ensure it all goes smoothly. I really appreciate your support and that of your whole team to make this a success.
Thames are looking for a drummer if anyone has one available and a couple of crews are short of a few paddlers so if you have extras please bring them along.
Please arrive with trailers as early as possible on Sunday. If anyone wants to deliver their boat trailer on Saturday, that will be fine – please let me know.
Key points to note are:
  1. Cars will be parked first on the field opposite the Eyot Centre and later on the field at the Eyot Centre. No cars will be allowed on the hard standing. This area is being kept free for trailers.
  2. As soon as you arrive with your trailer we would like you to unload your boat and place it on the field by the river – NOTE – We will be launching on the water in a pre-arranged order. Details attached. Please do not put your boat on the water until requested to by the boat marshals. We will have people to assist with the trailer unloading, but would appreciate if your team could be there.
  3. Boats will launch largely in race order. Your whole team needs to be ready by your boat to launch it, get in it and get away from the landing stage at your allotted time. All in 5 minutes!
  4. All administration and payment must be completed by 09:15. The race briefing will be held at 09:30 sharp. Please do not make us look for you for the briefing. Your team may be disqualified from racing if your captain and helm are not at the briefing on time or if the administration is not completed by 09:15 – Wow that’s harsh 🙂
  5. Please review all documents and feel free to contact Carolyn or us if you have any queries.
Links to all documents can be found here:

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