Henley Winter Series – Round 3

Seventeen crews started this race at 45 second intervals, with Henley in twelfth place behind
Hurricanes, a Thames/Kingston composite crew and Typhoon but ahead of Wraysbury and Rafters.

On the downstream leg Henley caught and passed both Typhoon and Thames before Temple Island.
Serial winners Rafters, who started 90 seconds after Henley caught them at Fawley on the upstream
return leg.

An epic duel resulted as Henley battled to avoid being passed and side by side racing with blades
clashing ensued over the next mile. The north easterly breeze blowing against the river’s flow was
causing quite a bit of choppiness so that the bow wave from Rafters’ boat was washing over the
gunwales and into Henley’s boat. Paddlers and helm remained focused but eventually Rafters’
superiority saw them pass under Henley bridge a boat length ahead. Both boats had passed
Hurricanes in this phase of the race.

The final section of the course up to and around Rod Eyot returning to the Eyot Centre was
completed without drama but losing a further 30 seconds to Rafters.

Henley were happy to finish in second place, 90 seconds ahead of Secklow in third place who were
just 3 seconds ahead of Wraysbury.

The outrigger section of the event was won by Paddlesports Racing Canoe Club with Milton Keynes
second and Royal Canoe Club third.

After the results were announced and presentation of the cups, Chris Fowler of Henley Dragons who
has paddled in all Winter Series races bar one since it’s inaugural event stepped up. He presented
Carolyn Lewisohn with a bouquet and bottle of champagne to thank her for five years as event
organizer. Future events will now be coordinated by Zlatka Larsen and we wish her success in her

Final Results

  1.  33:09 | Rafters
  2.  33:56 | Paddlesport (Men) | OC6
  3.  34:26 | MK (Men) | OC6
  4.  35:16 | Henley Dragons
  5.  36:24 | Royal Canoe Club (Men) | OC6
  6.  36:42 | Secklow 100
  7.  36:45 | Wraysbury
  8.  37:17 | Royal Canoe Club (Mixed) | OC6
  9.  37:25 | Exe-Calibre
  10.  37:31 | Hurricanes
  11.  37:53 | Typhoon
  12.  38:33 | Royal Canoe Club (Ladies) | OC6
  13.  38:38 | Raging Dragons
  14.  40:18| Paddlesport (Ladies) | OC6
  15.  40:26 | London Wave
  16.  40:51 | Thames / Kingston
  17.  49:30 | Pink Champagne

Drone Footage courtesy of Tom Carter

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